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Audience: Graduate Student, Postdoctoral Scholar, Faculty and Staff
Disciplinary Area: Life and Physical Sciences, Social Sciences

Guides for preparing and writing NSF grants in particular.

NSF General Resources
  • Grant Proposal Guide
    • from the National Science Foundation (NSF 11-1, effective January 2011)
    • detailed guide to the rules, policies, and procedures for NSF grants
  • Guide for Proposal Writing
    • from the National Science Foundation
    • advice for proposal writers on the process of applying for an NSF grants

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Resources

NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grants (DDIG) Workshops

The NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program

  • PowerPoint presentation presented to University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign students.
  • Written by Dr. William Hahn, former Director of NSF-GRF.

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program Essay Insights

  • Tips for crafting the personal statement, previous research experience statement, proposed plan of research statement, and more.
  • Compiled by Dr. Robin Walker and the University of Missouri.

Sample Applications from (Mostly) Berkeley Grad Students on NSFs

  • Large collection of complete successful NSF-GRF proposals in the environmental sciences.
  • Compiled by Rachel C. Smith

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