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The Funding Information Portal is a repository of many of the resources available at UNC to help you find and apply for opportunities to fund your research and professional development. Individuals who are looking for appropriate funding opportunities should start with the resources on the Funding Databases page, particularly COS Pivot and the Carolina Internal Funding Database. Individuals who are already working on an application for a specific funding opportunity should consult the Proposal Writing page, particularly the Successful Proposals Collection.

The tabs across the top of the site roughly reflect the steps you should take in order to select appropriate funding opportunities and write applications for them. Funding Databases, Alerts, and Guides will help you find funding opportunities that might be a good match, and Awards Made and Proposal Writing can help you craft a strong application once you’ve decided to apply. Faculty Expertise can help you find professors who work in your area of research, and Business and Industry Partnerships can help you find applications for your work beyond academia.

Because the Funding Information Portal is a shared resource between the Office of Research Development and the Graduate Funding information Center, some resources may be generally more helpful for certain targeted researchers. Resources have been tagged with a suggested audience: Graduate Student, Postdoc, or Faculty; and a disciplinary area: Arts and Humanities, Health and Medical Sciences, Life and Physical Sciences, or Social Sciences. On pages with many resources, you may wish to filter by audience and disciplinary area in order to view only the resources that are most likely to be relevant to you. Bear in mind that these tags are a suggestion designed to help you rather than a hard and fast rule. All visitors to the site are welcome to browse and use resources in any category.

If you have questions about finding funding or how to use any of the resources on this site, please contact the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs.