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Audience: Graduate Student, Postdoctoral Scholar, Faculty and Staff
Disciplinary Area: Arts and Humanities, Health and Medical Sciences, Life and Physical Sciences, Social Sciences

The Chancellor’s Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship works to strengthen UNC’s innovation ecosystem to meet the needs of faculty, students, staff, and community members as they translate their novel ideas into practical applications. They serve as a directory for programs across the University that bring innovation to the forefront of Carolina’s mission. Their filterable Get Funding page can help you identify centers and organizations on campus that host programs providing students and faculty with funding, mentoring, training, workspaces, and other support to act on your ideas.

Innovate Carolina believes that innovators must be able to connect to communities, recognize needs, turn needs into opportunities, have the passion to persevere, and work hard to implement their ideas. Innovators change the world. They see what others do not. They believe when others doubt. They execute when others merely talk.

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